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Hey friends!  Yesterday we hosted a t-shirt decoration/donation party for SWAG’s Clothesline Project.  These are some of the donations we got out of it!! The project “goes live” starting April 1st, so I suggest everyone send in a donation.  Please feel free to message us for more information – or how to get involved in the movement otherwise.  This is certainly a consciousness-raising tactic, and while important, isn’t for everyone.  But it is good ole craftivism at it’s best. It feels good, y’all. *we determined that this does count as self-care* in case anyone was curious haha!!

shirt2 shirt3

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Awesome. Stay tuned about more events, including FSU’s hosting of the Peculiar Kind and Victoria Law!

P.S. – Did you know this blog is totes open to the community? That’s what we want.  We are a radical feminist collective, so we do set that as sort of a parameter for your submissions, but outside of that, anything you feel the need to write about, YOU DO IT.  If you aren’t a regular member of our group, please email your submissions to us and we will engage in a consensus process to determine whether it is in line with our politics.  That being said, I would LOVE some poetry or literature – bring your short stories here!!!  uncfsu at gmail dot com

Feminist Students United (FSU) is a progressive feminist organization which affirms that no form of oppression can be overcome until all aspects of racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism are dismantled. We acknowledge intersecting identities and strive to be mindful of these intersections in all our work. We endeavor to create an environment which is non-hierarchical and supportive in nature, and we work to bring about change in our community through education, outreach, direct action and community organizing.

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