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DIY flyers mean more fun and less wasted money

materials: free newspaper, ballpoint pen, blank labels, scissors


Feedback: Projects for Fall 2013

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Hey – hey you?? You like scarves? You like wool socks? You like abortion access?

Well then do I have a deal for you!

FSU and SURJ have a combined 4 teams participating in this year’s National Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon, and in order to raise funds to meet our goal, I am selling things I’ve knitted over the years and haven’t given away.

If you are interested in helping bring access to abortion services to the women and female-bodied people of North Carolina, please do check out THIS ETSY PAGE

I will be updating with more items over the next week, so please do check back in and see if there’s anything that *strikes* your fancy.

If you would like to donate directly to the abortion fund, you can do so here: Smash the PINTRIARCHY!!

Wanna learn more about the Carolina Abortion Fund?  Here’s a snippet from their website:

The Carolina Abortion Fund has learned a lot this year, thanks to your continued support of our mission to improve access to abortion services for women and girls in North Carolina (and, of course, a rockin’ first annual Bowl-a-Thon!).

This year, we learned how to set up a compassionate and responsive intake system that has already helped more than 70 women pay their medical bills since the program started. We learned that our supporters are as passionate about bowling and access to abortion as we are. But the most important lesson we learned this year is that $300 a week does not go very far at an abortion fund.

You see, our budget only allows us to give out $300 a week to the women who call us. This weekly allowance barely lasts through our first hour of calls per week, let alone the first night. Why did we set this budget? We want to help as many women as we can, but we also want to build a sustainable fund that can serve women year-round.

This is why we need your help. It’s pretty simple: the more we raise, the more we can give out, and the fewer women we’re forced to turn away who need our help.

Contribute now–whether it is $10 or $50 or $500–to help women in North Carolina know that they have a place to turn to.

Your charitable contribution to the Carolina Abortion Fund is tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. We are an all-volunteer organization, which means your contribution will go directly to help low-income women and girls with minimal overheard costs.

Read more here:Carolina Abortion Fund

How far will your tax-deductible donation go?

  • $300: Provides a maximum grant to a 2nd trimester patient or maximum grants to 3 1st trimester patient
  • $200: Provides grants to 2 1st trimester patients
  • $100: Provides a maximum grant to a 1st trimester patient
  • $50: Provides a half grant to a first trimester patient
  • $25: Provides a quarter of a grant to a first trimester patient

The CAF is a 100% volunteer-operated organization. Each tax-deductible you contribute will go directly to help a low-income person pay their medical bills.

Hey friends!  Yesterday we hosted a t-shirt decoration/donation party for SWAG’s Clothesline Project.  These are some of the donations we got out of it!! The project “goes live” starting April 1st, so I suggest everyone send in a donation.  Please feel free to message us for more information – or how to get involved in the movement otherwise.  This is certainly a consciousness-raising tactic, and while important, isn’t for everyone.  But it is good ole craftivism at it’s best. It feels good, y’all. *we determined that this does count as self-care* in case anyone was curious haha!!

shirt2 shirt3

shirt shirt4 shirt5 shirt6 shirt7 shirt8 shirt9 shirt10 shirt11

Awesome. Stay tuned about more events, including FSU’s hosting of the Peculiar Kind and Victoria Law!

P.S. – Did you know this blog is totes open to the community? That’s what we want.  We are a radical feminist collective, so we do set that as sort of a parameter for your submissions, but outside of that, anything you feel the need to write about, YOU DO IT.  If you aren’t a regular member of our group, please email your submissions to us and we will engage in a consensus process to determine whether it is in line with our politics.  That being said, I would LOVE some poetry or literature – bring your short stories here!!!  uncfsu at gmail dot com

Ha. So.  We’ve been sort of out of commission (this blog) for the last month or so.  Our bad. There was some stuff, and a lot of things…NEVERMIND. We’re back now! We’re back and we’re ready to take some action.What you missed:

  • FSU got together with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center to host a training for the Stewards of Children program.  It’s a fabulous thang. You can learn more about this child sexual abuse prevention training here: Stewards for Children
  • 3 of our fabulous FSU and SURJ activists received funding courtesy of IPAS to attend the FMF #NYFLC2013 – the 9th annual young feminist leadership conference.  We had a ball, went in with a critical eye, learned a lot, met some fantastic feminists from New Hampshire (and the rest of the states,of course) and found ourselves amongst the largest gathering of self-identified feminists ever.  There will be more information on that as we each find a few moments to write reflections.  Please do not hesitate, however, to contact us, because as Kaori said earlier today, “I’d be doing my community wrong, though, if I didn’t try my hardest to act as a resource for other young feminists who are interested in events such as these. If you have any sort of interest in getting involved with feminist events like this, please pleeeeez don’t hesitate to message [us]”
  • TOMORROW we are hosting a t-shirt making PARTAY to support the UNC group SWAG as they bring The Clothesline Project to our campus. We have T-shirts, we have supplies, we have a room!! Check out our FB event page

That’s really not even close to all of it. I think perhaps this merits….5-100 of its own posts, but suffice it to say that our campus is the throws of a federal investigation and the UNC administration has been attempting to silence those who have spoken out against their sordid practice of abusing and intimidating survivors of sexual violence. One of those survivors was recently charged by the honor court for “creating an intimidating environment” for the man who raped her, but remains undaunted by their threats.  She’s filing intimidation charges.

Her lawyer – “The retaliatory charges against my client are inappropriate, unconstitutional and utterly without merit,” and “Ms. Gambill’s public criticism of UNC – as an institution that ignores, silences and discredits sexual violence survivors as PR strategy – can no longer be met with attempts to ignore, silence and discredit her,” he wrote in the letter to Thorp. “Instead, it is time for the university to take responsibility for the broken system it has created, starting by dismissing this case.”

Can I get a FUCK YEAH?!

SO, PEOPLE, keep vigilant, keep vocal, and never stop fighting.  That’s it for now, but I swear we are back in action and will be bringing you more awesome, informative, feminist posts relevant to UNC, NC, The US, and the WORLD.  This I promise you.

WOW that was fast! And now we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another academic year….Geez. Well, WELCOME ONE AND ALL to the 2012 commencement of all things awesome and feminist.

Meetings and etc. are in full swing, and if you glance to the left you will see that our meeting time for the semester has been posted. In addition, all viewers of this blog now have access to a calendar of Feminist Students United!’s Events. This will be kept up-to-date as interesting events and co-sponsorships present themselves. While you can expect to see all of FSU’s events posted here, you will also find a number of interesting events that we as a group endorse or find worthwhile, regardless of whether we will be sponsoring said events.

On this calendar are the dates and times for the FEMIKNITS meetings – to be held at Bread&Butter on a weekly basis. There will typically be instruction available, so if you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, the time is NOW! We are an inclusive craft group, so all crocheters, weavers, sewers, painters, jewelry makers, etc. are also welcome!

As always, your contributions to this blog are welcome and can be submitted by emailing them to

Stay tuned for more posts – I swear they won’t all be this boring!

Feminist Students United (FSU) is a progressive feminist organization which affirms that no form of oppression can be overcome until all aspects of racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism are dismantled. We acknowledge intersecting identities and strive to be mindful of these intersections in all our work. We endeavor to create an environment which is non-hierarchical and supportive in nature, and we work to bring about change in our community through education, outreach, direct action and community organizing.

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