Yet another example of how rape culture is perfectly interwoven into the mainstream. A children’s song, folks. It’s so perfectly invisible to so many because it has been normalized and taught as our reality. We have to break this….more critical thinking, media literacy, and anything else we can think of….

Feminist Philosophers

I was watching a DVD of French songs karaoke with my son, and came across a song I’ve known ever since I was a child, which every one in France knows and sings: ‘Jeanneton prend sa faucille’ (Jane takes her sickle). It’s a song for big gatherings, and everyone joins in with the chorus. It tells the story of a young woman who goes to work in the field and on her way meets three young men. The lyrics then say: The first is a bit shy and tickles her chin. The second is less shy and lifts her skirts. The third, even less shy, knocks her down on the grass. And what the fourth does is not told in the song. (The second one is not included in the karaoke version.) The end states either that the moral of the story is that men are bad, that women like…

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