Students for Life of America is a national coalition of anti-choice student groups.  This year, they have initiated The Planned Parenthood Project.  It features pink crosses symbolizing each abortion Planned Parenthood performs every day.  Although it rhetorically has a comparable effect to more typical anti-choice rallies featuring photographs of aborted fetuses, the student activist with whom I spoke considered herself a supporter of women’s rights.  Good for her.

I want to reach out to feminist students on Clemson and Tulane University campuses.  Apparently, this project will be on its way to your campuses shortly.  Today, we had a great turnout of feminist activists and allies for a counter-protest, and hope that students can organize against Students for Life of America’s propaganda. 

Maybe the comments section of this post can turn into an organizing panel? 

At this particular demonstration, anti-choice activists were armed with CDC and AMA-disproven misinformation: specifically, they claimed that there was a link between abortion and breast cancer, as well as between abortion and post-traumatic stress disorder.  These claims are false, and have been disproven repeatedly, but are disseminated by Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the country.  These students also had literature on local CPCs.  It may be useful for counter-protesters to have leaflets with information about CPCs, Planned Parenthood’s wide range of services, and how students and community members can mobilize against anti-choice propaganda.