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“Raleigh, N.C. — Gov. Pat McCrory told a national radio audience Tuesday that state community colleges and universities should be funded based on how well they do at placing their students in the job market.

“Right now we pay based upon how many students you have, not on the results of how many jobs you’re getting people into,” McCrory said. “I’m looking at legislation right now, in fact I just instructed my staff yesterday to go ahead and develop legislation, which would change the basic formula in how education money is given out to our universities and our community colleges. It’s not based on butts in seats but on how many of those butts can get jobs.”

Speaking on Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America” show, McCrory touched on themes similar to those he talked about during the campaign.

“I’m a big vocational training advocate,” McCrory told Bennett. “I think some of the educational elite have taken over education where we’re offering courses that have no chance of getting people jobs.”

McCrory observed that even though North Carolina has a high unemployment rate, there are employers who can’t find qualified employees.

“To me, that means we have a major disconnect between the education establishment and commerce,” McCrory said. “So I’m going to adjust my education curriculum to what business and commerce needs to get our kids jobs as opposed to moving back in with their parents after they graduate.”

In response to a dig that Bennett took at gender studies courses, McCrory expanded on his theme.

“You’re right though,” McCrory said. “That’s a subsidized course. And frankly, if you want to take gender studies, that’s fine, go to a private school and take it. But I don’t want to subsidize that if that’s not going to get someone a job … It’s the tech jobs that we need right now.”

McCrory added, “Most people don’t realize, two-thirds of my students are women, and most of them are going into either health care or taking junior college programs, when in fact, I’ve got a lot of unemployed men who typically go into technology or mechanics. And if they do – or welding or something – and if they do they can get six-figure pay right now. But instead, they’re on unemployment.”

The governor tied his train of thought into the UNC athletics department scandal.

“It’s even hit our athletic department at Carolina, our great basketball program,” McCrory said. “They took Swahili on a night study course where they didn’t have to do any work and they got B-pluses. What are we teaching these courses for if they’re not going to help get a job.”

McCrory said he believed in liberal arts education.

“I got one. I think there are two reasons for education. One is, as my Dad used to say, to exercise the brain. But the second is to get a skill.”


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