WOW that was fast! And now we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another academic year….Geez. Well, WELCOME ONE AND ALL to the 2012 commencement of all things awesome and feminist.

Meetings and etc. are in full swing, and if you glance to the left you will see that our meeting time for the semester has been posted. In addition, all viewers of this blog now have access to a calendar of Feminist Students United!’s Events. This will be kept up-to-date as interesting events and co-sponsorships present themselves. While you can expect to see all of FSU’s events posted here, you will also find a number of interesting events that we as a group endorse or find worthwhile, regardless of whether we will be sponsoring said events.

On this calendar are the dates and times for the FEMIKNITS meetings – to be held at Bread&Butter on a weekly basis. There will typically be instruction available, so if you’ve always wanted to learn to knit, the time is NOW! We are an inclusive craft group, so all crocheters, weavers, sewers, painters, jewelry makers, etc. are also welcome!

As always, your contributions to this blog are welcome and can be submitted by emailing them to

Stay tuned for more posts – I swear they won’t all be this boring!