Happy New Year, everyone! It seems we have found ourselves at the beginning of yet another semester. To the chagrin of most, it also seems that this is the first post since the beginning of last semester! Last year was a hectic one, indeed, but this year is new and full of promise! FSU New Year’s Resolution: more action, more involvement, more frequent posting!

During the break we were presented with a number of exciting opportunities for the coming months, the details of which will be revealed in good time, but suffice it to say, this is not the semester to miss! It’s a good thing too, because after having a somewhat relaxed semester (in terms of group activity) we are more than ready to get on the good foot and engage in some serious feministing.

To start with, FSU is proud to announce that VOX – Voices for Planned Parenthood is now a subcommittee of our group. If you are interested, VOX is a great way to advocate for full reproductive justice and rights. If you think that FSU isn’t exactly for you, VOX is yet another venue through which to exercise…well, your VOICE!

We are also proud to announce that, in addition to the many political/activist events and ventures in which we will be involved, there will be more emphasis on the social aspects of feminist communities. The hope is to provide an informal environment where feminists can feel supported in their beliefs, but where activism and political planning take a back seat to community, interaction, and good times. More details to follow shortly!

Most importantly:

We have officially set this semester’s general body meetings to 7:30pm on Wednesdays starting January 18th 2012. We hope to see you there!

Much love,

Your FSU