If you have been wanting to get involved in a feminist group on campus in order to meet like-minded people, learn skills and discuss issues that are relevant to our lives, join us for a meeting!

Eventful Meeting Schedule

Date and time Location Topic/Event Contact Person

March 23, 7pm


Dey 301 Women in the Congo  
March 30, 7pm Dey 301 Discussion of Audre Lorde’s “Uses of the Erotic” Andy Koch
April 6, 7pm Dey 301 Creativity Storm: Brainstorming creative event plans Rakhee Devasthali
April 13, 7pm Dey 301 Critical reading and understanding of Microfinance Sarah Baker
April 20, 7pm Dey 301 Painting liberation: feminist discussion through crafts Andy Koch


You are invited to attend any and all meetings you’d like!   Bring friends and more ideas for Eventful Meetings you want to see!