Painting our banner for HKonJ

On February 12, FSU members joined approximately 1000 protestors and over 100 social justice groups at the 5th annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street (HKonJ) march and rally in front of the legislature in Raleigh. We marched in support of the 14-point people’s agenda that demands educational equality, economic justice/good jobs/workers’ rights, and equal protection under the law. With the numerous attacks on reproductive justice happening at both the federal and state level right now, we thought it was especially important that we participate as feminists in progressive political action.

14-point People’s Agenda
1. All children need high quality, well-funded, diverse public schools
2. Livable wages and support for low-income people
3. Healthcare for all
4. Redress ugly chapters in NC’s racist history: the overthrow of the bi-racial, 1898 Wilmington government and the sterilization of poor, mainly black women from 1947-1977
5. Expand and improve same day registration and public financing of elections
6. Lift every HBCU
7. Document and redress 200 years of state discrimination in hiring and contracting
8. Provide affordable housing and stop consumer abuse
9. Abolish racially-biased death penalty and mandatory sentencing laws; Reform our prisons
10. Promote environmental justice
11. Collective bargaining for public employees and worker safety
12. Protect the rights of immigrants from Latin America and other nations. NC must provide immigrants with healthcare, education, workers’ rights, and protection from discrimination
13. Organize, strengthen, and provide funding for our civil rights enforcement agencies and statutes now
14. Bring our troops home from Iraq now

Photo by Chuck Liddy

Forward ever, not one step back!

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