When: Wednesday, February 9, 7pm

Where: Dey 307

FSU decided to watch a romantic movie — in honor or the upcoming Valentine’s Day. We are not endorsing this movie, just watching it together and opening up the room for conversations about sex, depictions of romance, couples, anything of that nature. The film has interracial couples, man-woman couples, woman-woman, and man-man couples. Some have been together for a while, some for just a night. The film is just over an hour, and we will talk and hang out afterwards.

All are encouraged to come with open minds and candy to share.

TRAILER — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4RcvDavBvg

Eric Amadio’s witty directorial debut looks at eight couples in varying stages of their relationship — all set in the scene of just having had sex — and examines how they deal with intimacy in the 21st century. Injecting humor in the dialogue and situations, Amadio (who also penned the script) makes the scenes of vulnerability and heartache palatable. The ensemble cast inclu…des Jane Seymour, Mila Kunis, Taryn Manning and Zoe Saldana.