On Saturday, fsu’s craftivist collective, Creatures Creating Crafts Collectively, or 4Cs for short, had its first meeting. Craftivism is the glorious fusion of crafts + activism. For our first 4Cs meeting, we screenprinted shirts and bags with the FSU emblem.

Fun Facts about Craftivism:
• The term craftivism was coined by UNC alum Betsy Greer in 2003. Check out www.craftivism.com to read more about craftivism, Betsy Greer and see examples of craftivism.
• Craftivism has connections to feminism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism, and the anti-war and anti-sweatshop movements. For its relationship to feminism, craftivism reclaims domesticity as something to be valued instead of devalued or ignored.
• One protest model coming out of craftivism is the ‘’knit-in’’ where craftivists infiltrate a public space and knit to draw attention to their issue of concern.
• Another form of craftivism is guerilla art where craftivist art is put up in public spaces such as on street signs or fences. For example, the crativist collective in the UK puts up cross-stitched mini protest banners throughout cities in the UK. Check out the craftivist collective here: http://www.craftivist-collective.com/

The next meeting of the 4Cs is on Oct 2nd, time and location TBA. We will be making art to display in the quad to bring attention to attacks on public education, such as budget cuts and tuition hikes, for October 7th, the national day to defend public education (http://www.defendeducation.org/).

Also, join the 4Cs on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=139360656107870&ref=ts