Hello again world!

A new semester has started and we’ve got a new agenda for it. Among other activities, FSU will be publishing a zine! To get things started, our very own Cathey Stanley facilitated a creative writing workshop today. To give you a taste of what’s to come in the zine, here’s a poem that we collectively wrote, two lines apiece.

I am quiet when you subtly and slyly impose yourself on me

I speak up when I cannot stay silent any longer

I am quiet when it’s clear that you don’t care about me

I speak up when I have enough strength

I am quiet when I feel inadequate in your presence.

I speak up when I think my words will make good change,

or when I’m too pissed off to care.

I am quiet when I’m scared you’ll put me in a box and discount what I have to say

I speak up when I feel safe and think there’s a chance I might change your mind.

I am quiet when your big, big power makes me feel small, small

I speak up when my joy helps me want to combat your hatred

I am quiet when you talk about your dreams that don’t include me.

I speak up in case you’ll hear me.

I am quiet when I’m thinking spritually

I speak up because I’m tired of being silenced habitually

We also wrote poems individually. This one, by Courtney Wilson, flipped the connotations we generally hold about light and dark.

I live in the dark because of bed time stories and erased worries
I’m afraid of life in the light because of the dangerous things that are allowed to happen in plain sight
Dark figures dance towards me in my dreams
wrapping me in warmness not screams
white gloves and sheets invite death
while the black hands of my mother give me breath

We’re really looking forward to how the zine will turnout, and we of course want you to be a part of it! Our new meeting times will be Wednesdays at 7pm. Also, many of us are also planning to be involved in a newly formed craftivist collective called Creatures Creating Crafts Collectively (4Cs) that will meet one Saturday a month starting this Saturday the 11th at 2pm in Carrboro. Contact us for directions uncfsu@gmail.com

See you soon!